Can I buy marijuana in Louisiana? Batwoman, however, is solely owned by Warner Bros. TV. As Deadline points out, “ Batwoman is earmarked for the upcoming WarnerMedia streaming service.” This falls in line with previous statements that Kevin Reilly, the WarnerMedia executive overseeing AT&T’s new streaming service, told reporters a couple of months ago. WarnerMedia and AT&T want their network’s best series exclusively on their own platform. Batwoman , which is one of the most anticipated new series to come out of The CW’s DC Arrowverse, will most likely stream exclusively on WarnerMedia’s new streaming service. For example, some strains (known as "indica" strains tend to stay short, while "sativa" strains tend to grow tall). Just to give you an idea of the difference, these plants were grown in the exact same setup. Marathon OG is a potent indica-dominant strain known for its ephoric and relaxing effects. It was selected for the late rapper Nipsey Hussle, its name an homage to his series of famous mixtapes. Marathon OG is a very potent strain that offers high levels of THC that might overwhelm a novice. When it comes to the smell and flavor of cannabis, OG Kush phenotypes are some of the most recognizable on the planet, and Marathon OG lives up to that legacy. You’ll immediately recognize the classic bouquet of lemon, spice, and earth that have cemented this strain as a cultural icon. Some seeds take longer then others to germinate, but I check every 2 days so I can remove them as soon as possible. The more the seeds grow after germination, the easier it is to cause damage when moving them. They can grow into the paper towel or become tangled in each other. Moving them as soon as germination is apparent minimizes this risk. HB 803 also made it legal to grow, possess, sell, or buy industrial hemp in the state. Another important provision of HB 803 is that it also legalized also any part of the hemp plant, including CBD. As per this law, a person must register with the state before legally planting, growing, harvesting, or processing industrial hemp plants or any products from these plants.